How Does It Work?

Max Wealth provides a range of value added services and rewards programs that are suitable for staff benefits, client rewards programs or other application that you may have.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Here are some of the services and rewards that we can add to your custom made package.

Max Wealth Debt Assist
Max Wealth Last Will Assist
Max Wealth Coach
Airtime and Data at 50% discount ( not available to public in general)
R20,000 Accidental Death Cover
R20,000 Injury Cover
R20,000 Funeral Cover
Trace U benefit
Ambulance benefit
Child maintenance support
Legal protection – Abuse and Rape
Medical Assist
Security Assist
Fully functional VISA card capability with e-wallets
Wide bouquet of discounted coupons over a fast-moving consumer goods across various brands and products nationwide